La Chazza

Silence is golden… breathtaking late afternoon atmosphere in January at La Chazza in Sils Maria. Everybody was out hiking, ice skating, nordic skiing or ice fishing.

At the foot of the stunning slopes you find a plain which opens up towards Lake Sils. Some remarkable architecture makes it difficult to decide if you prefer apéro in the house or up the hill.

The evening light dazzles and flickers as people gather along the lakeside to feel some of the last sun rays of the day on their faces. The shadows are getting longer by the minute and create this beautiful contrast on top of the landscape.

Meet and greet when you are out and about. The mood is relaxed and even as individuals one feels a sense of commonness during these magic minutes.

“Being out here witnessing the Golden Hour makes you feel lucky and thankful for the shared experience.”

The contrasts are rich and bold. Time stands still as you soak up the scenery. Still not sun drenched enough? You might like to satisfy your Wanderlust in Val Fex.

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