Val Fex

How about picking a Switzerland Tourism experience and getting inspired for your own visuals?

“Enjoy a gentle ride in a horse-drawn sleigh to the car-free Fex Valley. Allow the winter landscape and the glaciers to cast their spell on you. The Fex Valley is also popular with hikers and gourmets. The two-horse sleighs to the Fex Valley depart from the Sils village square.”

Switzerland Tourism

A magical, crispy January morning awaits with the question, if you should choose the red or blue pill. Wait, rather horse. Not that it would change anything – we assume – but there are two families running horse carriage services in Sils Maria and they each have their own color assigned: red for Clalüna and blue for Coretti.

With the whip comes the cream. Peak performance is presented at Hotel Fex in a way you cannot resist. Be it vegetables, meat or dairy products – the restaurant insists on continually working with and searching for farmers and manufacturers within the Engadine, the Bergell, the Poschiavo, and the Albula Valleys and further regions. In addition, they strive to use raw materials from sustainable production.

“Our cuisine is honest and draws on the rich culinary tradition of the Grisons: chosen products that can be prepared in a variety of ways, and dishes that warm not only your stomach but also your soul.”

Hotel Fex

What goes up, must come down. If Wanderlust kicks in, the path shows the way. Luckily, it’s only the horse carriages you will have to dodge. Val Fex is as car(e)free as it can get. As your eyes scan the valley, and the stunning panorama backdrop is unfolding in front of you, spot the cross country skiers flexing their poles. So what about the rods? Well, that’s another, yet related story.

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