“We love meat. And we love animals.” – This statement may be contradictory in a polarized world. But not at Metzg, which Marlene Halter is talking about. In her eyes the respect towards animals is mandatory for the delightful and conscious consumption of meat.



Metzg is take-away, restaurant and speciality butcher all under a single roof. The path from farm to table is kept short and the knowledge about the processing and preparation can circulate in-house. When it get’s to the culinary concept Marlene maintains an undogmatic style. Why not offer Barba di Frate from Italy or Blutwurst in Summer? It’s not empty catchphrases but full plates which are asked for.



A visit to Metzg earths you entirely in times of disorientation considering the consume of meat and vegetables. The challenge to switch of your head and concentrate on the taste and consistency of the dishes opens up new possibilities of indulgence. And that’s from head to toe!