Landlubber goes Hurtigruten

Evening sets in slowly across the bay in Bergen, Norway, as we board MS Finnmarken in late June. The overcast sky paired with the abundance of light acts like a giant diffuser. This adds luster to our short cruise with Hurtigruten up North in search for magic shots.

We kick off life on deck with an introduction to arctic fine dining by Kysten. Each dish makes you feel as if the Norwegian summer is exploding in your mouth, glows in front of your eyes and flickers in your nose. The lights begin to dance over the sea as you drift off.

The ships engines nudge you to rise again. Hobbit land shows up in front of the porthole. We steadily carve our way from the open waters into Geirangerfjord. The shoulder of the former glacier gives a lonely farm support. Eternal streams trickle down the cheeks like tears of joy.

A fresh breeze sets in on deck. Some big waterfall roars in the distance. This is Geiranger, there is no going further. The ocean has now been gently tucked in the palms of the valley. Calmness spreads for a moment. Strangely, the urge to move on sets in. The ship backs out.

Again on the open waters nostalgia creeps up. “The old Lady of the Sea” MS Lofoten is a witness of another time. Her friendly farewell honk makes you smile. Swiftly she takes off into the unknown. Hurtigruten will always be here to come back.

Ethics statement: This story was produced on my own behalf and represents my personal views. I am in no way affiliated with any companies or products mentioned.