Drusatscha – a summer hike in the Swiss Alps

Have you ever immersed yourself into あさひ [asahi] ? No, not the beer. More literally, into the morning light. The time when shadows and highlights are intertwined in a way the impression pops your brain. This is how you start out.

Up the valley, our next encounter presents a gurgling gorge. Gushes of life as clear as a cristal pass by. We skip this chilly dip, you will see why.

The forest invites you to forage. Blueberries galore and more are on the menu. A bitter sweet symphony indeed.

And now it’s spa time: 森林浴 [shinrinyoku] as we know it from the Japanese art of forest bathing. We reconnect and refuel while inhaling the atmosphere.

Then the scene opens up. It’s time to rest those workhorses. Speaking of Perwanger leather, surprised to learn that it mainly comes from high-quality cattle from the alpine region. Since 1780.

Passing over Drusatscha, the highest town of Europe at 1560m altitude emerges on the horizon. The lake of Davos indicates the end of this hike. A plunge at Hawaii bay – so say the locals – pulls the curtains. Aloha meets patgific.

Artistic statement: This video was produced on my own behalf and represents my personal views. I am in no way affiliated with any companies, products or destinations mentioned.