Kyōto, capital of Zen

What you see here are some shots of a field trip to Kyōto last autumn. Our luck was that the Covid travel restrictions only were just lifted. And there were really not that many people around the temples yet.

Travelling in Kyōto is quite easy. You just rent a bike and have Google maps and then you cruise around the different alleyways and go from spot to spot. I think that’s the most fun and uncomplicated way without being stuck in traffic.

I used two bodies for still and video images. For video I used the Canon C70, for still I used the Canon 5D Mark III. I used the same lens, the 50mm L-Series.

So, I hope you liked this little tour. Let me know what you think about it. Thank you and catch you later.

Artistic statement: This video was produced on my own behalf and represents my personal views. I am in no way affiliated with any companies, products or destinations mentioned.