Shinwazen – A Short Trip to Japan

So, here they are again. A year after their iconic project came to a halt, Yuko Suzuki and Markus Baumgartner open the doors to a new chapter of theirs. Friends and families followed the invitation to take a peek at the Japanese speciality store, right off Zürich’s hustling and bustling Langstrasse. A wholesome miso soup and exquisite sake was served to the hungry and thirsty while others were stocking up on shoyu and dashi for that little home cooking thing going on. For those in town who were missing artisanal goods boasting this level of quality in production and taste there was a sense of relief that Shinwazen is back on track.


“Shinwazen supplies products of contemporary form though deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition. The new store shall be a place where the customers can get to know fresh culinary ideas and take them home.”

Yuko Suzuki, Founder