Run now dream later

I love this ski resort because it slows you down. You start getting aware of your surroundings:
the slow-tech infrastructure, the fresh snow just fallen from the skies, the crisp sounds of nature – you just reduced your scope and scale to a moment. The shockwaves of the corona virus forced winter season to a grinding halt.

Cherry blossoms offer a glance of routine – that not everything can be shut down.
We process the leaves for baking. Let it work for a while and you can catch wild yeast.
Have you ever put spring in a bottle?

In the face of race cancellations and social distancing, our runner’s mindset allows us to maintain good health and stay positive. We find solace in our workout routine—whether it’s running, yoga, or meditation—exercise helps us stay calm and grounded.

A message from Satisfy

Activities shift to smart technology, we are now onlife. Let’s go running in the matrix.
On says “Change Your Perspective, Find Your Peak” – I try to get a grip.

No group long run at sunrise.
No training-block leading to a race.
Which badge of honour will we strive for?

I’m acting like a running monk these days, bending over backwards to rush that session before sunset. Try to be the last one in the woods.

Here’s to a great company. They say if a garment isn’t right for running it doesn’t exist. I can buy into this. Might get three while shipped for free.

Jamil Coury – out and about. Race project wizard, always running steep and getting high.
„The walls are closing in“, he states with lockdown at his doorstep. Ahh… the privilege of running outdoors.

Whatever your mission. From dusk till dawn.
Work your local loop like on groundhog day.
Until further notice base training is your path.

Ethics statement: This video was produced on my own behalf and represents my personal views. I am in no way affiliated with any companies or products mentioned.