Get pulled out of reality and feel like falling into another space: The Tunnel of Light is an interactive sonic and visual experience created by Mad Architects for the 2018 Echigo Tsumari Triennale close to Tokamachi in Niigata, Japan.

„The revitalization project sees the installation of several permanent artistic spaces along the historic lookout tunnel, with the intention of bringing back the cultural energy that once empowered the region.“

Mad Architects

The visitor is guided by a light & sound concept through the tunnel. A series of unique observation decks each reveal a new impression of the gorge and offer a point to rest and reflect. One of the three major canyons in Japan, Kiyotsu Gorge (清津峡, Kiyotsu-kyō) is located within Jōshin’etsu-kōgen National Park.

The panorama station is the last stop and end of the tunnel. Everybody tries to get his or her own version of the mandatory Instagram shot. I pass, and deliver the making of – or rather my point of view. On a more broader term, the proposition to rethink the relationship between humans and the natural world truly plays out how it was envisioned by the father of the festival.

“The places that matter are the ones that are deeply connected to land, climate, fauna and flora, ritual cultures, agriculture, food and so on. By focusing on site-specificity, art becomes universal.”

Fram Kitagawa

Artistic statement: This video was produced on my own behalf and represents my personal views. I am in no way affiliated with any companies, products or destinations mentioned.